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Rev Dr Abraham Usikaro





Rev Dr Abraham Usikaro is the Senior Pastor of New Jerusalem Christian Centre also known as Over Comers Chapel London.


He heard the call of God on his life at a very early age but did not answer the call untill he was arrested by God during one of his journeys abroad, all in his attempt to run away.


He believes that God qualifies those that He would use to fulfill his salvation plan for mankind. He also believes that God's calling is without repentance.


He is a teacher and a blessing to the body of Christ in the Helps Ministry which has endeared him to several ministers of the Gospel across the Globe.



 He teaches the word of God with accuracy, temperate un-annulled and in an un-despicable manner, presenting it with power and authority for the salvation of lost souls and removing ignorance that is still quite prevalent in the body of Christ today, as it is in the secular world.



Ignorance as an enigma that blinds peoples eyes and keeps them in bondage so that they walk in perpetual darkness rather than light.


As Rev Dr Usikaro continues to minister to the body of Christ, he has authored two books 'Helps' and 'Kingdom of Gods Mandates'. The book Helps is teaching manual where Rev Dr Usikaro shares scriptural insight about this vital ministry that has been assigned by God for the growth of the church. In the Kingdom of Gods Mandates as the name implies Rev Dr Usikaro has researched into everyday lifestyle of humanity contrasted with scriptures and came out with an A-Z believers handbook.


He is a moderator and a facilitator, Bible Quiz Director and a perfect organiser at meetings.



Rev Dr Usikaro has been married to Pastor Mrs Hannah Usikaro for many years and they have been blessed with children.


He has preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world.

           Rev Dr Abraham Usikaro

                 Senior Pastor


aka Overcomers Chapel