New Jerusalem Christian Centre

aka Overcomers Chapel

Mens Ministry



The mens fellowship is also known as ' Promise Keepers'  .



This fellowship has dynamic believers with a zeal to serve God. They are passionate about the house of God and therefore commit themselves to fulfilling whatever that demands their attention pertaining the house of God.



They meet monthly  and also organise other activities such as regular breakfast meetings, teaching seminars, evangelism and outreach programmes.



An extract from one teaching seminar on Enjoying Healthy Marriage Relationship:



A healthy Christian Married couple must



   1. Have a clearly define menu of expectations


   2. Understand and practice meaningful communication


   3. Belong to a healthy support group in their local church


   4. Be aware of unhealthy offensive behaviours and avoid it


   5. Have a good relationship with the master Jesus at all times


   6. Be good prayer partners and word of God oriented


   7. Be good intercessors, always standing in the gap for their Pastors and the body of Christ  

       universal at all times.


You have read the underlaying guiding principles of a healthy Christian couple, and marriage is shaking, please don't delay. Call in and we are willing to support you in prayer your reconciliation.