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Theme of the Month: Justification


What is Justification and why the necessity for the Believer?


Scripture Ref: Deut 25:1, Prov 17:15, Isa 43:26


By definition, justification is the acquittal from guilt or declaration of being righteous before God the righteous judge. It is the act of God himself, earned by those who confess Jesus as their Lord and Personal Saviour and believes on his death and resurrection from the dead.


Simply put, it is standing before God as if you have not sinned.


The Necessity:


Please read the following scriptures: Psa 11:7, 33:5, John 17:25


The Bible tells us the entire human race sinned or is born into sin from the beginning (from Adam), but the shed blood at Calvary restored us to God. There is however need for acquittal, which is justification even though we have been purchased back to God. 


Even though our sins are pardoned by the atoning power of the blood, we also need acquittal/justification, so that we can boldly stand before God on judgement day and God will look on us as though we had not sinned. That is to say our past is forgotten and we are now sinless before the eyes of our God. When this is in place we are qualified for the full measure of his grace being released into our lives.


In summary, the scripture passages read above in John 17:5 says God is a righteous father, one who cannot behold iniquity and because of this the world did not know him, but we know him. And if we know him, we must of a necessity be acquitted from our past sins, so that we may boldly enter his presence and worship him.


Also Psalm 11:7 says ‘ For the righteous Lord loveth righteousness, his countenance doeth behold the upright.


Human guilt shows the need for justification - Please read Psa 143:2, Rom 3:23, 1 John 1:8, 10


1.     Give in your own words the definition of justification

2.     Justification comes from God. True/False?

3.     When is it necessary to a Christian to be justified?

4.     Give us a scripture that relates to God as a righteous father.


Pray for all Christians everywhere.